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    Himalayan Shilajit

    100% all natural Himalayan Shilajit Introductory offer 4 grams for $7 15 grams for $25 30 grams for $45
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    Moringa Oleifera Powder (1lb)

    Moringa has provided people in Africa and Asia vitamins and minerals for many centuries. Composed of Amino acids, Calcium, Complex proteins,  Beneficial Antioxidants and Trace Elements. Moringa is truly a nutritional Super Food. It is 100% natural, pesticide, herbicide, and chemical-free, so your entire family can enjoy the rewards and benefits of a True Whole food supplement.

    We choose only the moringa leaf, which is the nutritional storehouse of the plant, and not other less nutritional portions.

    Moringa Health Benefits
    • Boosts energy levels
    • Increases focus, mental clarity and stamina
    • All-natural anti-aging nutrients and minerals
    • Healthy immune system
    • Helps to maintain healthy blood sugar and blood pressure
    • Joint pain
    •  Overall well balanced diet
    • 100% Organic-GMO free
    • only for sale by lb
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    Pink Lotus 60:1 Extract Powder 5g

    Lotus Flower 60:1 Extract powder has been said to assist with weight loss, relaxation and stress relief. This extract can be mixed with to or other beverages to help you unwind from your day.